Frequently Asked Questions

Career Basecamp is a set of proven career resources and online learning modules to help students and young professionals gain confidence and learn skills in support of a professional job search.  Additionally, the program includes participation in a monthly, virtual speaker series with career professionals on topics ranging from “Five Keys to Job Promotion” to “Telephone and Video Interview Success.”

The Career Basecamp program is entirely free!  Access to every webinar and video tutorial, the Employed Grad workbook series, and articles that reinforce best practices throughout the career exploration and job search process is included as part of registration.

The program consists of more than 70 recorded webinars and video tutorials, dozens of articles, 5 skill building workbooks, and a monthly speaker series.  Additionally, for parents supporting students in their career exploration, there is a parent-student workbook as well as an eBook that provides actionable strategies for assisting a young person performing their first professional job search.

For students seeking additional assistance and support, we offer the Career Playbook program that includes a career exploration curriculum, a best-in-class jobs database, a professional resume review, and a personalized career coach to help guide you in the job search process.  More information about the Career Playbook program is available here:  www.yourcareerplaybook.com

Parents play a critical role in supporting their student as they perform a professional job search, and Career Basecamp provides tools to help.  You can be pivotal advocate for your student, encouraging them throughout the process and providing helpful nudges at important moments.  The Career Basecamp includes a parent-student workbook, and you can visit www.studentplaybook.com/parents to receive a free copy of our eBook:  Strategies to Prepare Your Student or Recent Graduate For Their First Professional Job Search.

Student Playbook recognizes the need for high-quality, results-oriented programs that guide students through the process of career preparation and job acceptance. We help undergraduates and recent graduates secure employment commensurate with their education and experience, and we serve as a trusted advisor to schools in delivering impactful support and encouragement to students and their families.   You can learn more about the company and team by visiting our website at www.studentplaybook.com 


Career Basecamp equips students and recent graduates with key resources for accelerating their job search process, including a library of videos and tutorials, a series of career workbooks, and more.