7 Modules with lessons and short videos on topics to help you prepare for your career search and transitioning into full-time, professional employment. Each lesson is hosted by an industry professional who shares tips, best practices, and expert advice to ensure a more successful job search experience. Short videos are also featured for when you need quick advice on a single concept. Though the lessons are presented in a sequential order, feel free to jump around between Modules or between Lessons, watching the videos that are of the most interest or relevance to your situation.


Introduction to Careers

Not sure what you want to do?  These videos provide a brief introduction to major career categories and the types of jobs they offer.

Searching for a Job

Resources to support the career exploration and job search process.

Tailoring Your Brand

Shape the way you are seen in the job search and professional environment by investing in your personal brand

Building Your Network

Tips on how to build and expand your professional network and make yourself more hireable. 

Creating a Stellar Application

Develop strategies and tools for crafting an application that will stand out to employers.

Entering the Workforce

Boost your workplace readiness skills, ensuring successful transition into the world of employment.

Preparing For Graduate School

Plan for graduate school with a focus on careers in law, medicine, and business. 

Career Basecamp equips students and recent graduates with key resources for accelerating their job search process, including a library of videos and tutorials, a series of career workbooks, and more.